District Departments

  • Central Office Personnel
    Photo of Martha Buttram
    Martha Buttram
    Assistant to the Superintendent Miami Public Schools
    Photo of Lisa Greninger
    Lisa Greninger
    Secretary Secretary
    Photo of Jeremy Hogan
    Jeremy Hogan
    Superintendent of Schools Administration
    Photo of Donna Kenney
    Donna Kenney
    Secretary Secretary
    Photo of Melissa McCullough
    Melissa McCullough
    Director of Federal Programs Administration
    Photo of Lisa Namestka
    Lisa Namestka
    Secretary Secretary
    Photo of Amy Zordel
    Amy Zordel
    Financial Secretary/Treasurer Secretary

  • Information Education Technology

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  • Transportation

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    Miami School District Boundaries

  • Health
    • The following immunizations are required for enrollment:
    • Grades K-12: 5 DTP/DTAP
    • Grades K-12: 2 MMR
    • Grades K-12: 2 HEPA
    • Grades K-12: 4 IPV/OPV
    • Grades K-12: 3 HEP B
    • Grades K-12: 1 Varicella
    • Grades 7-12: 1 TDAP Booster
    • All immunizations for school entry are available from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

  • Child Nutrition

    Each Link below downloads as a PDF File. (Updated: 8/13/2015)

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